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wenzy wave razor – beards and hair tattoos with precision

Unleash your creativity and explore possibilities with precision with wenzy wave razor, the perfect lightweight tool for stunning hair tattoos and perfect beards.

The wenzy wave razor has revolutionised hair tattooing and hair and beard shaving and styling with its unique and innovative ergonomic design. A blade designed to fit comfortably in the hand, lightweight enough for prolonged jobs without fatigue and steel for hygiene and safety are what make it a must-have tool for every professional stylist and barber.

  • size: 10x5cm
  • weight: 20g
  • material: steel
  • design: ergonomic hand grip, left or right handed


Welcome a tool that is simple but ingenious, a razor blade of just the right weight, size and shape to help you do what you want to that hair and beard, with the least effort.


Enjoy working with a razor blade that is designed to feel like an extension of your own hand. Its curved shape and ergonomic design provide you with the freedom and precision of an ideal tool for the job, allowing sinuous movements and perfect shaving in difficult spots.

left handed or right handed design

Just as there are left handed or right handed people, since wenzy wave razor is a tool designed as an extension of your own hand and sculpted to reflect the imprint of a hand, it comes in both versions.


Discover how wenzy wave razor is just the right size to allow smooth moving while performing designs, beards and mustaches, and just the right weight to not get tired and maintain precision when performing long and complex designs.

creativity unleashed

Tap into your hidden potential as a hair tattoo artist – you may be amazed by just how easily and naturally designs will take shape once you get going. Feel free to express yourself without limitations.


Reassure your customers of maximum hygiene with each new cut since blades are disposable and easily changeable.

made in Italy

Rely on the perfection in design sought in Italy when it comes to fashion and style. Designed by professionals for professionals, wenzy wave razor is 100% made in Italy.

perfect for barbers

Be that clever barber who uses wenzy wave razor for those difficult spots when sculpting perfect beards and moustaches. It is the razor you need to offer well done shaving that shows off your care and elegance.

how to use wenzy wave razor


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