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id hair – a dedicated professional brand focused on styling

Choose high performance styling products by id hair for a reliable hold that allows you to create the style you want. Explore innovative colour systems for ultimate self expression.

Unleash your creativity as a hair stylist knowing you can rely on the best styling tools available. Utilise the amazing styling wax products and 2 colour systems by id hair: hair paint and colour id amonia free hair colour, and see the results.

A high performance hair styling brand, id hair is best known for its high performance wax. In 2010, the company also launched a successful range of innovative colour systems. id hair is one of the fastest growing brands in Europe with the best selling wax in Scandinavia. It has built a reputation of quality and innovation and is your new must-have hair styling range.

id hair elements shampoo and conditioner

Repair, reconstruct and see visibly more healthy and beautiful hair with elements, born of natural Scandinavian cotton that cleanses and hydrates naturally. id hair elements is the result of sixty years of professional hairdressing experience, the latest technology and clean Scandinavian design.

id styling products

The styling range includes five wax products, of which extreme titanium is the top selling wax in Scandinavia. You can also choose among soft silver, hard gold, dusty bronze and beach gum with hold factors from 2 to 6.

id hair colour

The colour range includes a variety of excellent semi or permanent colour products. Choose conditioning permanent colour system to lift and deposit colour in one easy step. Use ocean blue booster to remove unwanted yellow and orange undertoned during lifting and bleaching processes.

colour id amonia free is a gentle semi or permanent colour system with 60 beautiful shades made from natural ingredients that gives 100% grey coverage without unpleasant smells. Meanwhile, id hair colour bombs are a new generation of colour conditioners to intensify colour, hydrate and nourish hair in one easy step.

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