Epil Experience

Epil Experience is an innovative and effective laser hair removal system. It is guaranteed to be quicker than other hair removal systems, with results showing after just one treatment and are permanent over time – giving clients perfectly smooth skin for longer!

The system is deemed suitable for all prototypes and hair, excluding those who have white hair. The laser hair removal is safe and painless – which prevents irritating redness (even for lighter hair).

Apart from its’ innovative technology, the revolutionary project removes the initial cost barrier – giving everyone the opportunity to use the service. Thats’ right, Diode laser machines could be given to you at zero costs!


These types of lasers are considered to be a great business opportunity for all beauty salons as they are the best gradual, permanent hair removal system around. This guarantees an effective, safe and pain-free treatment from the first session, all year long!

No ties, no investment, just one thing for sure: clear, guaranteed earnings

The Benefits of Epil Experience

  • Free training, guaranteed ongoing technical assistance.
  • Advertising support for your salon during the start-up process: Starter Kit and posters.
  • Free Tutor Service with Beauty Specialist support for the first day.
  • Free inclusion in Epil Experience web and social media advertising channels.
  • A selection of Upgrade Levels with additional benefits.
  • Guaranteed results and outstanding profits.
  • Effective marketing strategies.
  • Technical, organisational and communication materials.
  • Technical equipment and systems.
  • 25% discount on Epil Cream on consignment.

Price List


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