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Dafni hair brush – time-saving, safe and easy to use

Straighten hair in minutes with the innovative Dafni straightening brush. Advanced technology, no fuss, time-saving, safe and easy to use.

Simply brush your hair to straighten and smooth it within minutes. This is the original, innovative hairbrush. It incorporates the most advanced technologies, ensuring easy, quick and safe results with its unique design. Let using clips and dividing hair into sections be a thing of the past.

Advanced technology

  • 3D unique patent-pending technology.fni
  • Heat resistant and pressure adapting materials.
  • Heats up in 50 seconds and automatic shutdown.
  • Maintains constant 185 ° C.
  • 10 times faster than a flat iron.
  • 7 times wider surface area than a flat iron.

Easy to use

Simply brush your hair to make it straight, smooth and beautiful. No fuss, no clips, no sections – just brush it!


Straighten your hair in the time it takes to brush it. Within three to five minutes, Dafni allows you to get on with your life looking fantastic. Ready · Straight · Go!


Maintain straighter, healthier hair with a constant temperature of 185˚ C with every stroke.

3D unique

Rely on the unique 3D unique patent pending technology to straighten up to ten times more hair with every stroke.

Made from quality materials

Get silky smooth shiny hair with the unique top quality ceramic coating.

Pressure adapting

Enjoy a pleasant straightening experience each time with custom-made pressure adapting bristles.

Heat safe

Rely on quick heating on startup, heat-resistant plastics that keep fairly cool even in long usage periods and automatic shutdown after fifteen minutes.


Enjoy the flexibility of a 2.4 m long cable.

The original

Do not be fooled by imitations latching on to the popularity of the original straightening brush it was first and remains the best.


For optimal results, follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Ensure your hair is dry.

Step 2

Stretch your hand with one hand as your brush with the other to ensure that the bristles penetrate deep into your hair.

Step 3

Brush slowly from the roots to the ends of your hair in a slow pulling motion to ensure enough heat is absorbed for perfect straightening.


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