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simply zen hair care – holistic harmony for healthy hair

Experience an approach to hair care in perfect harmony with the senses and your complete well being with simply zen hair treatments.

Adopt the ethos of zen philosophy when it comes to your hair care. With simplicity, purity and nature in mind, simply zen approaches hair care in perfect holistic harmony to affect the total well being of an individual.

Discover serenity and well being starting from the scalp and hair. Natural elements and technology come together in simply zen to offer vitality and balance through hair treatments that combine the principles of aromatherapy with natural clay, essential oils and botanical extracts.

simply zen hair care products

The simply zen hair care range includes a variety of shampoos, conditioners, potions, lotions, clays and scalp and hair treatments. Each product is designed according to the zen ethos the range promotes, with reduced or no added fragrances, colourants and preservatives in favour of natural nutrients and aromas derived from tailor made blends of essential oils, therapeutic clays and natural elements. Be kind to your hair and to yourself with products that are balancing, calming, normalising, stimulating, restructuring, densifying or anti-dandruff as you may require.

simply zen anti hair loss

Curb hair loss naturally with a simply zen stimulating intensive treatment. Hair loss is a problem that touches 40% of women and 70% of men. It is provoked by a slowing down of hair renewal and re-growth, causing an undesired general or acute sparse distribution of hair. Today, it is possible to counteract hair loss thanks to a program which consists of intensive stimulation of the follicle bulb to be repeated at each changing season. z.one concept™ with simply zen offers a specific and efficacious treatment against hair loss.

oxyzen oxygen hair care treatments

Treat yourself to well-deserved self care that offers the luxury and rejuvenation you would expect from a spa treatment. The oxyzen range goes a step further in offering oxygenation of the scalp for increased circulation and effectivity of simply zen treatments. Treat scalp ailments and restore scalp and hair health with an oxyzen ritual at your hair salon.

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zen, the energetic system, essential oils and self healing

The philosophy behind simply zen promotes a holistic approach whereby the well being of the subtle body affects the exterior state of physical health. The aromas in the essential oils used in simply zen stimulate the emotional and creative aspect in connection with specific chakras to favour  well being and alleviate stress.

All Oriental disciplines as well as modern physics assert that everything in the universe is energy and in constant flux and vibration, originating from a primary source. Furthermore, Eastern philosophy adds that everything, whether moving or inert, is imbued with consciousness; the entire universe and everything in it is an interconnected vibration system imbued with intelligence and consciousness. This includes minerals and plants, and humans are merely at the top of the evolutionary scale. We are composed of physical, mental, psychic and spiritual energy which coexists and interprets other forms in the expression of reality as we know it.

That everything is a conscious agglomerate of energy in vibration is deeply explored in Sâmkhya philosophy, which is the basis of Yoga and Ayurveda, the “science of life” originating in ancient India. The individual energy field or subtle body includes seven major chakras, or energy centres, which govern the psychological, physical and physiological function of our gross bodies. These can be influenced by external influences, such as aromas, that are introduced consciously.

Aromatherapy states that aromas of any origin influence the emotional field and the mental states related to it. The conscious use of essential oils evokes effects acting at a subtle energetic level. Essential oils are a gift from nature, extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, fruits, wood, cortex, resins and fruit skins, and simply zen utilises their properties to help soothe discomfort, stress or tension. Tiredness, malaise, depression, blues and tension are related with energetic blockages and can be re-balanced through the simply zen stone thermotreatment.

simply zen I stone thermotreatment

Simply zen stone thermotreatment is the essential combination of massage and energy work to release tension and promote self healing. It causes vasodilation, increases circulation, soothes muscular tension and favours the release of toxins, anxiety and tension. By rebalancing energy flow and neutralising negative energies, stone massage re-establishes a positive attuning between body and mind.

Stone Therapy is an ancient healing art that’s been around for thousands of years in India, the Orient and Mayan culture. The energy, called “Prana” in India, “Chi” in China, “Ki” in Japan, is the life force which moves through all forms. Yogis work with this energy by using breathing techniques, meditation, physical exercise and massage as well as using tools from the earth, such as herbs, flowers, crystals and stones, to produce altered states of consciousness, well being and longevity.

Nicoletta Luccardi

Born in Milan, Nicoletta studies literature and has spent some years teaching. She has always been interested in the health of mind and spirit and this brings her in contact with medics, surgeons and cosmetic manufacturers. Soon after having practiced a number of holistic disciplines, including 2nd level Reiki, she founded he holistic clinic Time of Peace, where she teaches meditation and relaxing techniques. Since 2005, she has been collaborating with Z.one Concept and is responsible for the preparation of the products and technical support.

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