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milk shake hair care – enhance your natural beauty

Find your complete solution to hair care in milk shake’s vast range of quality products that contain milk and fruit to enhance the natural beauty of hair.

Shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and hair styling products from the milk shake hair care range provide all hair types with all the goodness of nature. They include proteins from milk and yogurt and nutrients from fruit to nourish, enhance and maintain beautiful hair naturally.

Producing top choice hair care products for the discerning consumer and salon professional, z.one concept laboratories, the makers of milkshake, gave us also the no inhibition and simply zen brands.

milkshake shampoo

Find an aromatic shampoo that is naturally good for your hair. The shampoo range is designed to gently cleanse, condition and treat fine, dry and damaged, curly, oily or colour-treated hair, using natural fruit extracts, milk proteins and carefully selected powerful ingredients.

milkshake conditioner

Discover the detangling power, condition and shine contained in our conditioner. There is a perfect solution with a wonderful aroma available for coloured, fine, dry and damaged or frizzy hair.

milkshake hair treatments

Choose hair repair that helps you enjoy healthy, vibrant and shiny hair. Using the power of natural ingredients like milk proteins, honey, Argan Oil and Muru Muru butter, milkshake hair treatments act upon the hair’s internal structure to re-hydrate, replenish and repair hair inside out.

milkshake hair styling

Feel confident all day long with the perfect hair styling solution. Our luxury hair care products meet the many demands of hair styling so that you can flaunt an irresistible, perfect hairstyle day and night.

milkshake hair colour

Discover a fresh approach to achieving hair colour success. Our superior range of professional products in line with technological advances in hairdressing. milkshake hair colour includes permanent hair colour, semi-permanent hair colour and temporary colourContact us to find out more about, view, sample and order milkshake hair colour.

gifts and travel

milkshake knows that you care about the wellness and beauty of your loved ones so it offers neat gift sets with the perfect product combinations. It also knows the importance of being practical with your beauty care and provides travel size products that are fine to carry in your hand luggage.

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