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Pink October fundraising with milk_shake pink leave-in hair treatments | Cortex Ltd

October is breast cancer awareness month, when the national Pink October campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for the detection and treatment of breast cancer. Every year, Cortex Ltd also raises funds for breast cancer in collaboration with milk_shake hair products.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month in several countries across the world. The world-wide intention is to increase awareness of the disease and the need for early detection and treatment, as well as to support the palliative care of this disease.

About Pink October

In Malta, the Pink October campaign aims to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention and raise funds for research and equipment to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients. Pink October was launched in 2014 and is recognised as Malta’s largest fundraising and awareness campaign in relation to breast cancer. For more information about Pink October, visit the Pink October Facebook page.

Cortex Ltd and milk_shake support Breast Cancer Awareness

With respect to these initiatives, Cortex Ltd has just launched milk_shake pink, whereby these leave-in treatments will be available in pink packaging:

Conditioning whipped cream | no rinse conditioning & protective creamy foam for all hair types Incredible milk | intense spray mask Leave in conditioner | leave in conditioner for all hair types

On every product sold, Cortex will collect fifty cents on the product price and donate fifty cents. Therefore, on each product sold, 1 euro will be donated to the Action for Breast Cancer Foundation Malta.












About Action for Breast Cancer Foundation

The Action for Breast Cancer Foundation is a voluntary organisation which was established in Malta in 2007. It campaigns for the quality diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Malta and Gozo. The foundation is registered with the Commission of Voluntary Organisation VO/0058 and as a legal person LPF–42.

Take care of others while you take care of yourself! Make sure you buy your pink milk_shake leave-in treatment this October. Share this post and help make positive change happen.




Repair Split Ends milk_shake Incredible Oil | Cortex Hair Products Malta

We feel you. We know the desperation that comes from dealing with pesky split ends! While cutting seems to be the only solution, you may have discovered that they may keep coming back. So what do you do to repair split and end the drama once and for all?

What causes split ends?

First of all, it is useful to know what causes split ends so that you can take prevention action. Split ends happen when the hair becomes dry and brittle and, therefore, prone to breaking and splitting. There are five main contributing causes of split ends:

1. Environmental factors

Both a hot sun and a humid environment cause hair to become frizzy, unmanageable and prone to split-ends.

2. Unhealthy hair maintenance

Heat styling methods, such as flat-ironing and blow-drying, can also cause the hair to dry and split.

3. Harsh chemicals

Sulphates and parabens present in some hair products can be too harsh on the hair. Chlorine from swimming pools is also a culprit.

4. Diet

A balanced diet is crucial to healthy, glossy hair. Some foods, such as avocado, almonds and salmon, are particularly rich in the nutrients your hair needs.

5. Health

In fact, the hair is one of the first to show signs of vitamin deficiencies or hormone imbalances.

How to repair split ends

Knowing this, you could re-invent your diet, hair care routine and attempt to live in a protective bubble, but could you totally avoid all negative factors completely? You may even have tried some of the “band-aids” on the market, but have they been really effective at fixing the issue? If only a product that works to simultaneously repair, protect and prevent hair damage actually exists! Well, the good news is that it does!

Video: milk_shake Incredible Oil is effectively a split end mender that can be used in the salon and at home. All you need to do to repair split ends is spray the oil on sections of damp hair from mid-length to the ends and then blow dry. Incredible Oil contains high-tech polymers that react with the heat, sealing the cuticle and closing split ends.

What’s in milk_shake Incredible Oil?

What makes milk_shake Incredible oil so effective is that it contains a blend of carefully selected ingredients. These offer a triple action of repair, protection and damage prevention:

High-tech polymers protect hair fibres, seal split ends and helps prevent further damage. Murumuru butter restores strength and lustre to dry hair while forming a protective layer around the hair cuticle. Shea butter soothes damaged hair while its shine helps make styling effortless, thus avoiding further breakage. Argan oil softens, detangles and conditions hair while tackling dryness, frizz, brittleness and breaking. Why you’ll love milk_shake Incredible Oil

milk_shake Incredible Oil is a multi-action restorative, protective and style-enhancing product that leaves your hair smooth and conditioned with a weightless shine. It helps:

Repair split ends. Seal the hair cuticle. Soften and smoothen strands. Increase manageability. Assist detangling. Protect the strand from damage. Prevent breakage. Protect from heat styling. Strengthen the hair fibre. Combat frizz. Increase shine.

Healthier and more beautiful hair is just a few sprays away! milk_shake Incredible Oil is suitable for all hair types.

milk_shake Incredible Oil is supplied in Malta by Cortex Ltd.

depot barbering

We have just had our first barbering basic course held by our Depot Trainer Clinton Attard. Training was spread on 2 days and dealt about hair styles, shaving ritual and other day to day barbering skills. We hope to see you on the next one

depot male tools and more

12 September we had a great presentation and party of Depot male tools. Depot is a great line for men. Depot celebrates the tradition of men’s grooming with an advanced and comprehensive concept. The sophisticated yet simple targeted products that make up the range are modern must haves based on traditional formulas. True classics updated for today’s man.


We are very happy to introduce the Dafni Ceramic brush to Malta.

The result is simply amazing and super fast. Dafni brushes never damage the hair because they have been tested and built from the highest quality materials available on the market. Most of the stockists we have will be able to teach you how to use it and let you try before you buy. Please do buy from the stockists which are on our website as there are many fakes on the internet. If the offer sounds too good to be true I can assure you that it is. Seeing a 50 euro Dafni is like seeing a Rolex for 200 euro! something is not right. So protect your hair and yourself by buying the original with high safety features.

For list of stockists

cortex hair seminar education

It’s that time of the year again when we will have our technical seminar on concept hair products.

This year we will be introducing

Milk-Shake Energizing

Simply Zen Microscope

The Minimal Collection for Summer  2016

Milk-Shake colour Complex

You can reserve your place by sending us an email:







milkshake incredible milk Milk-Shake Incredible Milk does-all Treatment Wins Best Hair Treatment 2016

A best-selling leave-in conditioner with 12 hair transforming properties. Incredible Milk is an intense leave-in spray mask that’s a clever multi-­tasker. Not only does it protect hair from harmful UV rays, it also repairs all hair types, maintains colour, acts as a heat protector, detangles and maintains style. This miracle treatment adds maximum shine to locks, creates body and volume and controls frizz.

Last but not least, Incredible Milk banishes and prevents split ends, makes straightening a breeze and smoothes the cuticle. Banish multiple bottles from the bathroom cabinet with the does­‐all formula that contains a blend of organic active ingredients including Muru Muru Butter, glycolic fruit extracts (blackcurrant, raspberry, papaya and mango) and milk proteins.

Available from most hairstylists in Malta and Gozo


milkshake lip balm

Time to give you all something special from Milk Shake ! 🙂

Starting from 24 February we will be offering a special gift of a limited edition lip balm to anyone who purchases any 2 milk shake hair care products. This offer will be valid until stock lasts from participating salons. concept concept was launched in 1999 and it was the dream of Ivano Panzieri. The first time i saw them was at the trade fair in Bologna in 2004 and I immediately wanted this brand mostly because they don’t just sell products like most competitors but have a very human touch to everything they do.  I’m proud to say that when I joined them there were only another 3 international distributors, now there are over 40!! This is real success.

Everybody can sell hair treatments and colours but very few can offer the complete package and support. I have to admit that choosing them made everything much easier and most probably made the difference between success and failure. From just a part time job as an adventure we have become the leading hair care company in Malta. It pays to chose your suppliers wisely.


Press link to watch history video


Just in our latest book about wedding up styles and latest trends. being delivered to hairdressers in Malta and Gozo from today.

You can order online or by email to


Buy now

Just launched for 2016 the latest brush from Tangle Teezer, this one is specially designed for thick and curly hair. The answer to how to detangle thick, curly or afro hair with ease is here and it couldn’t be simpler. Introducing the new Thick and Curly Detangling Hairbrush from Tangle Teezer!

This brush is great for Maltese type of hair and performs even better then the normal brushes thanks to its longer bristles.

The Thick & Curly Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush is a super smooth operator that works perfectly on both dry and wet hair. The teeth are longer (an additional 4mm)and stronger than The Original with FIRMFLEX TECHNOLOGY that means teeth are firm but flexible, so hair is detangled and brushed confidently with no pulling, tugging or tearing!

Buy now from a salon or from this site Buy now

Watch Video

Time to say goodbye to marks and split ends! This knight in spiral armor puts an end to all problems you’ve had tying up your hair! invisibobble® …

Finally in Malta the invisibobble is available from stock.

Does not damage hair and prevents split ends. If you are a salon owner and would like a free sample just contact us at or tell one of the sales reps who visit you.

Its that time of the year again when we go pink for a cause. We are for the second time collecting and donating funds for Action for breast cancer awareness foundation Malta. This is a Maltese charity which does a great job in getting women to get checked as well as helping those diagnosed with cancer.

Our pink products will be .50 cents more expensive then the normal ones and we will add another .50 euro cent to this so we will be collecting 1 euro from every product sold.

The products in pink will be the most popular Milk-shake leave in treatments. These are the whipped cream, leave in spray and the Milk-shake incredible milk.

Last year we collected 1500 euro, will you be helping us reach this record?

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Have you tried our keratin treatment ? did you know its one of the best selling keratin treatments on the island ?

If not now is the perfect time to try it. For a very limited time we are offering the small test kit at an incredible 50% discount.

Please note this offer is valid only for qualified hairdressers and to those who have not used it before.

For more details please send an email to

picture below is of the 1 lt bottle not of the offer kit.



Nacreo Man is the first complete colouring line completely dedicated to Men.

Innovative and exclusive Technology Rich in natural extracts Professional results guaranteed Never turns red very easy to use



From simple temporary covering to semi-permanent camouflaging, right up to the total masking of white hair, Nacreo man is the special solution for any requirement.


30 Jun 2015

We are pleased that this week we have launched Niophlex which is the next generation in hair treatments. we have tried and tested this product and we are very confident in its properties.

click the link below for the brochure

Niophlex Brochure Eng – Final



Its that time of the year when we launch the Milk Shake Sun Products. This is a success year after year and we expect this year to be the same. Salons who would want to buy the whole pack should pre order them with the reps so as to prevent disappointment.

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We care for your hair so please make sure that when you buy a Tangle Teezer you actually get an original one and not a copy with another name. The difference is only 2 euro but there is a big difference in Quality.

With Tangle Teezer the quality is guaranteed as we are not after a quick buck but plan to be leaders in the de tangling business 🙂


Buy the original

We are once again organising a trip to Rimini in Italy to see a Hair Show by the concept team and by the UK team of Rush hairdressing.

Depart Sat 26 set 12:50

Sunday: Hair show, dinner,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Monday  Shopping in Barberino Designer Outlet. This will last all day 🙂

Arrive back in Malta Tue 29 Set 12:25

Places are limited so please book as early as possible. We have tried to keep the price very reasonable but please note that this is subject to change if flight costs change.

Targets Apply please ask how you can come with us for free or at a very discounted price

For more information please contact your rep or phone 21465893 or email

Download brochure by pressing on the link

Rimini Show ’15 Catalogue

In 2007 Tangle Teezer revolutionised the way we detangle and care for our hair. The result was the biggest selling detangling brush in the world. In 2015 Tangle Tezeer will also transform the way we blow dry and style our hair with Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brushes.

#gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-3 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-3 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */







We are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the special edition tangle teezer.

you can pre order the special edition brush from Tangle Teezer now.

please go to our store

For all those who missed our video about age renew please find the link below. We are having a great success with this rejuvenating hair treatment. It really turns back time when it comes to hair.

Dear esteemed client the year is now at its end. We have had an incredible year and continued to grow in our market. We are now closed for holidays and will open again on the 6th of January 2015.

thank you so much for your support, we would not be here without it.

Meet pink Baublelicious- the hottest addition to our classic collection of cute Compact stylers. This super stylish detangler is the must have accessory of the season. With its sleek, shiny surface it will never fail to impress when your hair is in desperate need of an extra boost. Whether your’re looking to gently add some texture at the roots, tame those stray away hairs or add polish and shine to a finished style, the compact Styler is your new best friend whilst you are on the go. Fitting into even the smallest of handbags, it’s detachable cover protects teeth from debris, giving your hair a clean sweep every time.

Touching down just in time for Christmas, with it’s cracking packaging, this essential sleek tool in dazzling pink chrome will be sure to add some serious sparkle to any stocking. available from leading salons or online from

What if we told you we could slow down the ageing process of your hair ? well we can ! We have just finished testing our latest treatment from Concept and we have to tell you its great!!! In 15 years we have never tested anything like this.

Not only is it a great product to rejuvenate the hair but also it is perfectly safe as is always with products which we distribute.

The ingredients in Age Renew

Protect hair colour whether natural or cosmetic Decrease porosity of the hair protect from UV light and pollution protects and strengthens the hair Rice proteins have an anti ageing effect Rooibos (red bush) has a powerful antioxidant effect

This is the perfect product to have in your hair salon as it is a luxury item to offer you clients. We are so sure that it will work that we are offering money back guarantee to anyone who is not completely satisfied with the result.

For salons who would like to have more info we are having regular training sessions in our training centre.

contact us for more info on or 99472152



After a long search we have found a really good hair gel and we have also tested it for some time.

We are now importers of Fonex products for men. The Gel is really nice smelling and there are various ones all with different hold values.

For those who prefer a really good hair wax we have the gummy hair wax. There are 3 types: Hard, Matte and shiny effect all with the really nice gummy smell


In September and October we will go pink and give a donation for every Milk Shake whipped cream and Incredible leave in treatment sold.


2 Sep 2014

We at Cortex ltd are really excited to be able to bring you such a prestigious brand of hair care products and tools. We have been after this brand for a couple of years so we are now very happy to finally have it in Malta.

amika has a nice range of tools for the hairdressing field in Malta and now they also have a very exciting range of hair treatments and oils.

More to follow  🙂



Milk Shake integrity system gives you all the necessary elements for healthy radiant hair.

The range is not only perfect for the hairdresser but also very easy to use at home.

This is a concentrated protein treatment with amino acids, ideal to restructure and restore damaged and chemically treated hair. It leaves the hair soft and radiant. It contains organic muru muru extract with a conditioning and nourishing action.

How to use

distribute the entire contents of the vial over clean wet hair, leave for 5/10 minutes and then rinse. It should be used with the nourishing shampoo and condition.

Other uses

Great on cinderella extensions !



For the month of September we will be having a special price for all hairdressers in Malta. All prices have a special discount of 30% off the normal price.   Order now


Alfaparf presents Lisse Design Keratin Therapy


100% safe Formaldehyde free For all hair types less cost per application fully tested safe for your customers and safe for the hairdresser Straighten and colour on same day

We have long been on the search not only for the best keratin treatment but also to be able to offer the safest one in Malta and Gozo. We have had great results for the last 2 years making us one of the leaders in the keratin treatment in Malta. We also have sample kits for the hairdressers which we can offer.  

We also have available the maintenance shampoo and conditioner which are sulphate free and do condition the hair to make the keratin treatment last longer.

#gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-4 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-4 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */

We have launched the latest leave in from concept and its become  a new best seller.  Discover 12 incredible effects that will transform your hair. 

Repairs all hair types Frizz Control Prevents split ends Heat protection Long lasting hairstyle Incredible detangling Magnificent shine Adds body and volume Easier ironing Protects and maintains colour Protects from UV rays Smoothes the Cuticle


please click on the link to download the new brochure


MS Brochure trattamenti EN 20×20


Please click on the link below to download the pdf document.



Promozione Beauty Star Giugno Settembre 2013_versione per adesioni

Dear all i just wanted to tell you that if you want to try the colours of No Inhibition all you have to do is send us an email to and we will send you an assortment of colours and peroxides to try plus a small colour chart. do get in touch 🙂

New line of hair coloring from Luminage. Click the link for more information.

Luminage coloring collection EN

We are pleased to offer you a colour stripper from Adee Phlan. We have tested this product  extensively and are very happy with the result and how it leaves the hair.

This month we have launched the 12 wonders leave in from NO inhibition. We have had incredible feedback from the salons who have tried it. It is a leave in conditioner.



Repairing action, anti frizz, prevention of split ends, heat protection, hair set hold, conditioning action,extreme brightness, body and volume, better use of irons, preservation of colour, uv protection, cuticle polishing

If you own a salon and would like to try it we will deliver to your salon free of charge and with no obligation what so ever. just email us on





We have just launched a range of anti microbial disinfectants from Saloncide solutions UK.  These are highly effective and have been tested for over 10 years. They conform to recommended standards of health and safety executive and supports adherence to COSHH requirements.  They are also odour and alcohol free.

Saloncide – alcohol free disinfection

Saloncide has been specifically developed to provide Hairdressers, beauty salons and Tattooists with safe, effective and long lasting alcohol free disinfection.



Saloncide addresses the issue raised by the Health & Safety Executive that “Alcohol-based disinfection is less suitable for items contaminated with blood, skin & nail dust” and the requirement that

“the disinfectant must be capable of inactivating bacteria and blood borne viruses” This equipment sanitiser is a ready for use solution, supplied in 750ml trigger spray containers, that achieves a 99.998% reduction in bacteria and blood borne viruses, such as Hepatitis and HIV, within 30 seconds

Equipment is safe and ready to use on customers almost immediately after Saloncide has been applied saving time and meaning there is little “down time” waiting for equipment to be disinfected.

What is Saloncide?

Saloncide is a water based solution for the disinfection of salon equipment, proven in tests to British Standards EN1276 and EN1650 to deliver many advantages over traditional methods




How effective is Saloncide?

Independent tests show that Saloncide kills more than 99.998% of organisms tested in less than 30 seconds and in some cases the level achieved is better than 99.998% in this time. Many alternative disinfectants only kill up to 99.9% of germs within around 4 minutes or longer.

Why is 99.998% Important?

Bacteria are single celled organisms which divide rapidly, developing into groups or colonies. Disinfectants which kill only 99.9% (1in 1,000) leave enough cells for them to recover quickly. At above 99.998%, less than 1 in 100,000 cells remain, which is a level at which the population is no longer viable.Saloncide further reduces the risk of recovery by creating a surface environment which bacteria cannot easily attach to, giving protection which carries on after cleaning has finished.


Why is 30 seconds important?

Where sanitisers have a long contact time, the disinfectant has usually evaporated or been wiped away before it has time to work. Because Saloncide is fast acting, bugs are killed almost as soon as the product is applied. Being water based, Saloncide evaporates slowly and, unlike other disinfectants, it carries on working after the surface is dry.

Is Saloncide safe on my skin?

Saloncide has the same chemical hazard rating as water. Unlike most sanitisers it contains no alcohol, bleach or acids so does not dry out skin.

Does Saloncide damage surfaces?

No – despite its germ-killing power, using Saloncide is no more likely to damage surfaces than using water. It does not cause discolouration (like bleach) or surface cracking (like alcohol). Even fabrics, leather and plastics can all safely be treated with Saloncide.

Is Saloncide environmentally friendly?

Yes. Saloncide is an environmentally friendly product, safe to use and safe for the environment. The technology behind Saloncide allows active chemicals to work in minute quantities which is why it has such a low chemical hazard rating (equivalent to water).

What does Saloncide kill?

Saloncide kills a very wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses:

Anti-Microbial Activity of Saloncide

Sample of Organisms and Groups successfully tested (various strains)

Bacterial Groups Fungi/Mould Groups Viruses

Bacillus Licheniformis Aspergillus niger Influenza type A*

Bacillus subtilis Aspergillus versicolor Hepatitis B

Campylobacter jejuni






Candida albicans

Mycobacteriophage D29

(TB surrogate)





Bacteriophage 36

Escherichia coli



Bacteriophage 37

Escherichia coli


Phoma violacea


Smegmatis MSR5


Enterococcus hirae Pleurococcus spp

Enterococcus faecalis Rhodotorula rubra

Klebsiella pneumoniae









Stichococcus bacillaris

Methicillin Resistant

Staph. aureus (MRSa)

Stigeoclonium tenue



Trentepohlia aurea

Salmonella enteritidis Trentepohlia odorata





* Includes H1N1 Swine Flu as a “sub-type”

Comparison between Saloncide™ and the market leader

Saloncide Market leader

Spray & leave method no rinsing required (excluding scissors)

Log factor 4. Kills 99.998% of bacteria, fungicide & viruses every time!

Same hazard rating as water!

Works within 30 seconds!

Remains active for up to 3 days on surfaces!

Works effectively without submerging for 10 minutes!

Leaves skin moist without causing dryness/irritation & doesn’t damage nails!

Ph neutral! (Distilled water)

BEHIND THE PRODUCT Welcome to Herra. A hair perfume that has been created by a hair specialist & fragrance expert who combined passions and set out on a journey to create a product that not only protected and conditioned the hair but was also alluring in fragrance. For decades the industry has awaited this type of product.

Key Ingredients & what they do: Glycerin Allows for maximum moisture retention in the hair without weighing it down. Olive Extract Protects the hair from pollution and free radicals keeping it conditioned and healthy. Sunflower Extract Protects the hair against UV and supporting against color fade. Free from Paraben and Sulphates.

Available only from Hair Salons

We have just received a limited quantity of Tangle Teezers in Christmas edition. They are packed in a box and the brush has a beautiful chrome colour on the top while black on the other sides. Book yours now at the Hairdresser or phone on 21465893


here is a list of Tangle Teezer Brushes. we suggest you call before to see if they have the particular brush you want in stock. There are more stockists but in this list there is the ones which have most types in stock

Roots San Gwann 99454164

Straight Cut Pavi 27217830

Straight Cut Attard 21417830

Flavia Siggiewi 77458213

Cutting Edge Bugibba21578645

Charmes B’kara

Shades B’buga 21654002

Modern Image Dingli21453330

Britess Fgura 21662288

Mario’s Floriana 73236417

Hair Creations by Abegail Ghaxaq 21898018

Marylyn’s Zebbug Gozo 21555106

Ohair Salon, Victoria Gozo

Hair lab Zebbug Malta 21462331

Renaissance hairdressing Swieqi

Giga’s Salon M’scala 99240008

Julie’s Salon Mellieha 21523322

Hair by lucille Mosta 21421860

Nella’s Mellieha 21522705

R cheauxeux uniqe

Sara Pearson Mgarr

Vigorous Mosta 27868686

Dorianne Qormi 27498197

Fact Hairdressing Qormi

Coiffeur D’Art Rabat 21452105

Christies San Gwann 21389026

Scissorium unisex salon Siggiewi 21462225

Step Ahead Sliema 21324244

Michelle Hair Creations Zurrieq 21640346

Memoirs Zejtun 27287456

What is the effect of chlorine on the hair?

Water activities increase during the summer months.  As a result we are exposed to chlorine, which has a negative effect on natural hair and even more so on chemically treated hair. Chlorine can cause the air and sun to oxidize hair and makes it feel gummy when wet and straw-like when dry. Even water that has a high pH value increases susceptivity to these kind of ailments.

Is it advisable to wash our hair with tap water after swimming?

It is imperative to remove chlorine immediately from the hair after exposure. Chlorine left in the hair for more than 15min after a swim will start to do damage so it’s very important you shampoo your hair at the end of the day to remove the chlorine or sea salt. Those who swim in chlorinated water may benefit from first wetting the hair entirely before jumping into the pool. The idea is that you will fill your hair follicles with clear water so that your hair won’t soak up the chlorinated water. Less uptake of chlorine or salt may result to preserve the beauty of hair.

What kind of damage is done to the hair by the sun’s rays?

The UVA and UVB can both damage the hair in a variety of ways. It can cause permanent damage to the outside covering of the hair, which is the cuticle and it can penetrate into the center of the hair, which is the cortex and do all sorts of damage. Energy from the sun destroys the interior of hair, which explains why hair color fades with sun exposure.

What is the best defense to protect our hair from the sun?

The smartest way to assure lovely, shiny hair is to protect it before it is damaged. The best defense against sun damage is a hat of close weave material and large enough to cover all of your hair. But not everyone looks good in hats and wearing one almost always causes flat hair. The next best defense and the one that I recommend, is the use of hair care items that will protect your hair by containing sun filters.

Will using a leave-in conditioner before exposing our hair to the sun help?

Leave in hair conditioners are designed to penetrate or settle down into the layer of the cuticle. The things you need to think about are adding back moisture and creating protection from the sun, wind and salt water. Leave-in conditioners are great to take to the beach and add to your hair once you have finished swimming so that you stop your hair from drying out, just comb it through and tie your hair back into a plait for the best results. I recommend Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner because its light-weight and won’t leave your hair oily even with fine hair, just comb a small amount through your hair while it is still damp and before you blow-dry.

How does the sun effect our scalp?

Care of the hair and the scalp skin are sometimes considered separate, but are often intertwined because hair grows from underneath the skin. A common effect of UV exposure is thinning of the skin causing fine wrinkles, easy bruising, and skin tearing.   Limit your exposure to the sun. We have been educated to the fact that the sun can cause skin cancer. We have gotten into the habit of using sun screen. But your hair won’t protect that sensitive scalp. You should always wear a hat if you are planning to be outside for more than a brief period of time. Prolonged exposure can cause your scalp to burn. The sooner skin is treated after the sun burn, the better  its restorative and healing effect

Is it advisable to expose our hair to treatments such as colouring, highlights, perm or straightening in summer?

Nowadays, being fashion conscious it is difficult not to do such technical treatments even though they are best avoided. Relaxers can cause hair breakage when used over a period of time, even when they’re used properly. If you decide to keep straightening your hair during the summer months, you’ll need to wait at least 6 weeks before your next treatment to protect your hair. Other options for applying color to hair besides chemical dyes include the use of ammonia-free solutions like Milk Shake semi-permanent colours, conditioning direct colour or colour mousses. And don’t use relaxers – or any hair treatment – if your scalp is irritated.

Should we avoid blow drying our hair during the summer months?

Try to give your hair a break during the summer season. Consider letting your hair air-dry. Curly haired girls, let your natural curls free! For girls who usually curl their straight hair, hair braided when wet will air-dry into beautiful waves. If you absolutely, positively can’t live without your blow dryer, use products for protecting against the thermal heat from hairdryers and UV damage.

How should we deal with damaged hair?

In summer it is really important to care for your hair because of all the natural elements drying it out and causing damage but how well you care for your hair from the time it emerges from the root plays a role in how healthy it looks. Undoing the damage caused to the hair will take both time and effort. But it is definitely not a daunting task. While certain specific products, like professional reconstructing hair masks, do have the ability to repair the hair, in some rare cases very little can be done to the damaged hair. The only solution in such cases would be to wait for new hair to grow. Regular haircuts are one of the best ways to help keep hair healthy. Even if you have long hair or you’re trying to grow your hair, a haircut can help protect the ends of your hair from splitting and damage. In fact, cutting may actually help your hair grow better because it’s healthy and not breaking off.

What about nutritional treatments in summer?

Deep conditioning treatment is the second best solution for split hair as these act on the internal and external hair structure. For moisturised and shiny hair ask your hairdresser to use a treatment with jojoba oil. This can be done weekly under expert guidance.

Angela Falzon Technical Director, Cortex Ltd.



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  The launch of the Milkshake creative colours was a great success and was attended by over 130 Maltese hairdressers. This shows that Maltese hairdressers like all creative people are always on the lookout for products which will help them achieve more. Special thanks goes to Z.concept technical director Abla Barka for her energy, dedication and approachable character and to the staff of SAS Radisson at St Georges Bay who bent over backwards to accommodate our many demands.

Shortly we will have a full list of salons where you can find the Milkshake Creative Colours.

Milk Shake Creative Permanent Colour

Launch Date: 3rd March 2008. Place & Time: SaS Radisson Bay Point Resort San Giljan

A new hair colouring technology and an innovative approach to permanent colouring.

A creative permanent colour based on nanotechnology. An oxidation dye that can permanently transform the natural pigmentation of the hair, giving rise to an unbelievable shininess as well as to intensive, vibrant colours. Intensive, uniform and long-lasting results with rich, shiny tones are ensured by the NanoBioGenius Technology.

Milk Shake permanent colourse are enriched with sunflower oil and fruit extracts (mango, tangerine and raspberry) thanks to a very low ammonia content and a medium pH value, it has a nice honey fragrancy and leaving hair shiny, vital well conditioned and markedly dyed.

Includes a patented complex called Integrity 41® (Heliantus annuus) as an antioxidizing mix which shall make the dye last longer.

Education will be given by Concept Technical Director Abla Barka. On attendance every salon will recieve a sample pack of colours to try.

See details in PDF 

The Ultra Blonde series is characterized by a higher lifting power compare to the other series. To obtain  perfect results, it is suggested to use it on base natural levels starting from level 5 ( light brown) up to level 7 (Medium blonde).

This series is not formulated to cover gray hair, but it can be used in presence of gray hair up to 25%. On color tones 900 and on the 1000, we find at our disposal the natural tones, natural ash, and natural gold.


The 900

Have a higher toning power therefore its use is suggested on corse resistant hair. It’s suggested to use it on natural base level from 5 to 7.


The 1000

Have a weaker toning power therefore its use is suggested on medium to fine hair. It’s suggested to use it on natural base level from 5 to 7.


The formulation of the corrective does not have a definite level but a well definite tone. This characteristic influences the result during the neutralizing action or increasing of tone, independently from the level.


S  Silver

The corrective Silver results as a Silver color on gray or bleached hair. To neutralize unwanted warm tones it is suggested a mix, up to a proportion of ½ of the total formulation.


V  Violet

The corrective violet increases the intensity of the violet tone and is suggested a mix, up to a proportion of ½ of the total formulation.


R  Red

The corrective red increases the intensity of the red tone and is suggested a mix, up to a proportion of ½ of the total formulation.


O  Orange

The corrective orange increases the intensity of the orange tone and is suggested a mix, up to a proportion of ½ of the total formulation.


B  Blue

The corrective blue increases the intensity of the blue tone and is suggested a mix, up to a proportion of ½ of the total formulation.


C  Neutral

To consider more than  a corrective, a versatile product to be couplet to the various shades to increase the lightening, or by itself as a soft lightener gel.  Using C. together with color the new attitude, in the proportion of ¼ of the total formulation, will increase the lightening of 1 level. Mixed alone with H2O2 oxidazing emulsion 20/30/40 vol. acts as a lifting creme gel without tones.


The Natural

The Natural Series is the closest one to neutral natural hair color. In the formulation of this series there are no predominant pigments, therefore the presence of the three primary colors is balanced. Is a neutral series, no predominance on warm or cold tones. The use of the Natural Series in presence of gray hair will determine their total coverage with a natural final effect. The combination in the formula with other tone series is indicated in the case of a desired result of coverage of gray hair with tone coloring.


The Natural Plus

The natural plus series is characterized by the presence of a higher quantity of pigments respect to the natural series, allowing a major coverage, strong, intense and with an eye effect higher than the other natural series. This series is suggested to ease the coverage of 100% gray hair even the most difficult cases.


The Natural Warm

The natural warm series is characterized with the presence of light warm tones (gold). This series is advised to revive dull hair, generally derived from predominant cold pigments. Furthermore it’s suggested to mix it with the natural series, to obtain natural colors slightly gold, therefore intermediate. To be used directly on gray hair up to and not over 50%. Over 50, mix with the natural series, without surpassing the proportion of half natural tone otherwise the natural will become predominant losing therefore the tone.


The Natural Exotic

The natural exotic series is characterized by a perfect balance of gold-copper tones, giving as result warm and innovative tones, a new concept of the natural. Its use is advisable without mixing with other tone series to increase a particular warm tone on both natural and gray hair. This series covers 100% gray hair. It’s advisable to use it without mixing with other tone series to maintain the result as visualized on the color chart.


The Natural Ash

The natural ash series is characterized by the presence of slight cold tones. Its use is suggested to turn off or soften undesired warm tones, from red to gold. It’s a tone series arranged for lightening to obtain a neutral result , therefore it neutralizes the natural hair pigment , which would turn out during lightening. It is not advisable in presence of gray hair to avoid unnatural and dull results.


The Sweets

The sweet series is characterized from the presence of particular mix of warm and cold tones. Its use is advisable to create refined nuances rich in color with a deep vibrancy. Its use is advisable without mixing with other tone series to respect their original tones. To be used directly on gray hair up to 75% dark chocolate and cinnamon while cookie and crème brûlé up to 50%.


The Gold

The gold series is characterized from the presence of marked gold tones. Its use is advisable to create rich gold tones and to warm up unwanted cold tones. Its combination in formula with the natural series is indicated on gray hair coverage when the desired result fluctuate from little gold to gold tones. To be used directly on gray hair up to and not over 50%. Over 50% to be mixed with the natural series, without surpassing the proportion of half natural tone otherwise the natural will become predominant losing therefore the tone.


The Copper

The copper series includes extreme brilliant colors as a result of the presence of true copper tones. In presence of gray hair, it is necessary to combine it with the natural series to obtain the results as shown in the color chart. The Copper series includes the shades suggested as pre-pigmentation. To be used directly on gray hair up to and not over 30%. Over 30% mix with the natural series without surpassing the proportion of half natural tone otherwise the natural will become predominant losing therefore the tone.


The Mahogany

The mahogany series is characterized by the presence of delicate red-violet tones added to a natural  neutral base. To be used directly on gray hair up to and not over 50%. Over 50% to be mixed with the natural series, without surpassing the proportion of half natural tone otherwise the natural will become predominant losing therefore the tone.


The Red

The red series includes colors resulting from the presence of true red tones. Red will be intense, shiny and vibrant. In presence of gray hair, it is necessary to combine it with the natural series to obtain the results as shown in the color chart. To be used directly on gray hair up to and not over 20%. Over 20% mix with the natural series without surpassing the proportion of half natural tone otherwise the natural will become predominant losing therefore the tone.


The  Violet

The violet series is characterized by the presence of marked violet tones. In presence of gray hair, it is necessary to combine it with the natural series to obtain the results as shown in the color chart. To be used directly on gray hair up to and not over 20%. Over 20% mix with the natural series without surpassing the proportion of half natural tone otherwise the natural will become predominant losing therefore the tone.


The Black Fantasy

Includes the deep tone black. Its use is suggested on natural bases also in presence of 100% gray hair.

Coverage of gray hair is one of the most frequent service in the cosmetic coloring.

It’s necessary to keep in consideration that the chart of color the new attitude has been created following a parameter of gray hair coverage of 50%, therefore in presence of percentages below 25 it is advisable to use the color shade of one level lighter. Instead, in presence of 75% or more of gray hair it is advisable to use the color shade one level darker than desired.

After the Six Fundamental Key Points of the Technical Consultation it is necessary to analyze the different formulations, considering the percentage of gray hair:

less than 20% of gray hair, use one level lighter than desired level from 20 to 40% of gray hair, use 1 part of the lighter level + 1 part of the desired level from 40 to 60% of gray hair use directly the desired level from 60 to 80% of gray hair, use 1 part of the desired level + 1 part of the darker level from 80 to 100% of gray hair use one level darker than desired level.

A way to evacuate the % of gray hair is to establish if, at first sight the predominant color is gray, therefore the percentage to consider is higher than 50%. Subsequently, evaluate if the % is closer to total gray or to 50% of gray.

If the coloring service is a combination of coverage and lightening, it’s not advisable to lift more than two levels. Over two levels of lifting, the coverage of gray hair will diminish.

The technical consultation or diagnose of the hair is a fundamental phase to reach success in coloring.   Through a proper diagnose the hairdresser is able to gather all the necessary information to perform a perfect service. Beside the importance of the natural hair pigments, the process of coloring is influenced by the physical characteristic of the hair.

The technical consultation consists in the evaluation of ”the six fundamental key points”

1). Determine the natural color base. It is necessary to determine the natural base color and the eventual difference on length and ends (previous chemical services, lightening, perms, straighteners, or color shading due to sun enlightening), to allow the selection of color shade and the H2O2 emulsion most suitable to reach the desired goal. Check the natural color in various areas of the head.  If the level changes so to have a shift between two levels, and if the color chosen is in lifting, consider the darker level as the base color level

2). Determine the percentage of gray hair, diffused and in front area of the head.

3). Determine the nature of hair, it exists infact more or less coarse hair which react differently. Coarse hair is difficult to color, in the contrary fine hair is easy to color. Gray hair is strong in nature, therefore resistant in absorbing the color.

4). Determine the level of the desired color. There are four principle results, reachable with color the new attitude:  . a) lighten the natural color of hair   . b) darken the natural color of hair   . c) uniform the natural color of the hair . d) change the color tone of the hair

5). Determine the color tone of the desired color

6). Determine the oxidizing power suitable to reach the desired result.


The determining factors to keep in consideration are:

Structure Strength Porosity

Structure: represents the diameter of the hair shaft which could be: fine, medium or corse.

Strength: represents the easiness with which various substances can penetrate the hair

Porosity: is the absorbing  capacity of hair

These three factors are determined through sight and touch.

Prior to going into the technical diagnose , it is necessary to consult with the client.  This phase is necessary for the best result of the coloring service.

Before starting the coloring service:

perform a patch test to check sensitivity, in the case of a first approach to cosmetic hair coloring or if it has been a while since the last application ( ei. few years, as sensitivity may vary in time) use the color chart as a communication tool, the understand the real desire of the client. put at client disposal all the information on the product and the different alternatives in hair coloring, evaluating the achievement of the result. concept, has chosen for color the new attitude and for milk_shake, the international code numbering for the marking of the color shades. The color of hair, both natural or artificial, is identified in two parameters:

the depth of color (lighter or darker), named levels, the tone, which identifies the particular reflex in each color level.

To obtain perfect results in the world of the cosmetic color, the hairdresser has to keep in consideration the natural level of the hair and the existing tone prior to coloring, as this influences the color result.



To classify the level of a color ( depth or intensity) lets follow this chart:

2.darkest brown

3.dark brown

4.medium brown

5.light brown

6.dark blonde

7.medium blonde

8.light blonde

9.very light blonde

10.platinum lightest blonde

The tone

The type of reflex is indicated by a number that follows the comma, it can be of one or due numbers. In the case where it is indicated by two numbers, the first indicates the predominant or primary tone, while the second indicates the undertone or secondary tone. If the first number is “0”, it indicates that the number following shows the tone lightly.

—- natural series

, + natural plus

,01 natural ash series

,03 natural warm series

,e   natural exotic series

,3   gold series

,4   copper series

,5   mahogany series

,6   red series

,7   violet series

B   fantasy black


900   ultra light blonde

1000 ultra very light blonde


The variation of color depth, on the same level and on different tone series, is derived from the influence of the present tone. Every color on the same level is equal in depth and has the same lifting and depositing action; only the type of tone determines the final result.


When preparing the color it’s advisable to keep in mind the following things:

different type of tones could appear lighter or darker depending on the quantity of light reflection. Warmer the tone, more light it reflects, therefore the tone will appear lighter. On the contrary,  colder the tone, less light it reflects, therefore the tone appears darker. porous hair, permed or damaged, normally absorbs a lot of color creating a darker result, more dull, deep and it refuses warm tones. the tone of the applied color will appear more visible on gray hair than on natural pigmented hair, therefore keep in mind this factor when formulating the color, if very vibrant colors are not desired the use of an oxidizer H2O2 at low volumes creates, to the appearance, a more intense deposit of color due to the minimum lifting action.

The color chart simplifies the analysis, helps to foresee the results, facilitate the communication between the hairdresser and the client. Is a tool which stimulates the possibility of changes, allows to visualize never imagine alternatives, so it promotes the color service and its diverse and multiple possibilities.

Always keep in mind that the color swatches are simply a reference to visualize the depth and type of tone of a color shade, and not the final result. (view last paragraphs of “the nature of hair color”)


The cosmetic coloring Color Expressions can be classified, depending on the final results in four types of coloring:

Temporary coloring milk_shake <conditioning temporary colour foam>

Is marked temporary because its hold on hair is short, in fact it is eliminated at first or second shampoo. Only on extremely porous hair it can last few more shampoos. Offers an excellent possibility to introduce doubting clients to view themselves colored. – Does not cover gray hair – Does not have lightening power – Adds a light reflex – Is a direct coloring which is not mixable with any oxidating activator – Apply before styling on clean and towel dried hair – Do not rinse

Direct coloring. make over direct colour

Is a non oxidizing color, moderately alkaline compare to the physiological pH of hair, in which the color molecules has the capability to find their position within the hair cuticle. On porous hair the color molecules penetrates in the exterior of the cortex. The intensity and hold of the color depends from the resistance or porosity of hair cuticle. The color molecules are eliminate progressively at each shampoo. The average hold is of 6/8 shampoos. Also the quality of the cleansing and conditioning products used for the maintenance (alkaline and specific properties) determines the color hold. The individual color maintenance with mix color conditioner is formulated to allow the consumer to revive the “unique” and personalized reflex.

– Covers gray hair up to 20/30% – Does not have lightening power, ammonia and peroxide free – Is a direct coloring which is not mixable with any oxidizing activator – Compatible formula for mixing with permanent colors – allows the hairdresser to personalize, intensify or correct color reflex, increasing shine on hair. – Has a reconstructing action of the hair shaft – Has a jelly consistency, for an easy application, optimum output, easy and homogeneous mixing between the color tones. -Apply on clean and towel dried hair – On the most intense color shades, after the application, its advisable to delicately shampoo to eliminate the excess of color on the outer cuticle.

Semi_permanent color. milk_shake <conditioning semi_permanent colour>

Is a coloring conditioning coloring tone on tone with milk proteins and fruit extracts, in which the color molecules have the capacity to penetrate in the outer cortex without having the power to change the pigment of hair.

– Covers gray hair up to 20/30% – Does not have lightening power, ammonia and peroxide free – It can darken, uniform a color or change the color shade, without lightening – To be mixed only with its specific revealer – Compatible formula with color the new attitude as it follows the same code numbers – Creamy consistency – Pleasantly fragranced as fruit, milk and honey – Apply on dry clean hair.

Permanent Coloring color the new attitude conditioning permanent colour

A new attitude on coloring hair, an advanced system in permanent coloring Is an oxidizing permanent color able to transform permanently the natural pigment of hair creating incredible shine and vibrant intense colors.

– guarantee intense, uniform and long lasting results, with rich and brilliant colors – covers 100% gray hair – is a cream color formulated with wheat proteins and beeswax – enriched with olive oil and apricot extracts – thanks to its ammonium minimum content, and its moderate pH, has a pleasant fragrance and leaves hair healthy, shiny, conditioned and full in color – Acts in synergy with color H2O2 oxidazing emulsion in four oxidizing powers: 10/20/30/40 volumi.



All hair color, natural or artificial, are the result of the combination of the three primary colors: red, yellow, blue.

 red  yellow  blue


Of these colors, blue is considered a cold color, while red and yellow are considered warm colors. Mixing in equal parts the primary colors, we obtain the secondary colors: green, violet, orange

 blue + yellow = green  +  =  blue + red = violet  +  =  red + yellow = orange +  =


The combination in equal parts of the primary with the secondary colors gives in result: the tertiary colors :

blue     +    green   =   blue-green

blue     +    violet   =   blue-violet

red      +  orange   =   red-orange

red      +    violet   =   red-violet

yellow  + orange   =   yellow-orange

yellow  +   green   =   yellow-green


Ostwald Chart

The Ostwald chart is a tool which allows to put in evidence:

– the primary colors and ones obtained with the several combination, the secondary

– the capability of each color to neutralize another color; the secondary colors are opposite to the primary color that doesn’t form it. (and vice versa).

The principle of neutralizing is very important while formulating the color and also during corrective coloring. For example, if the applied color results to be too gold after rinsing, we should use a combination of a color with a blue base to neutralize the excess warm tones.

In case we have an equal quantity of warm and cold tones, there will be a neutral tone. For example, when neutral colors are desired, if the hair has a cold tone, we should add warm tones to balance , and vice versa.

Newton Circle

The entire range of color the new attitude can be represented on the Newton Circle so to visualize the composition of pigments per each color.

Porous hair absorbs liquids faster than virgin hair and at the same time hold a greater quantity of liquids.

In the specific case of coloring pigment, porous hair will accept it faster, becoming darker and cold with a tendency of refusing warm tones. Therefore, to obtain  perfect coloring results it is necessary to do a perfect diagnose to evaluate the hair status

Hair colour


The hair structure is composed of three parts: the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla (sometimes not found). The natural pigment of the color, called melanin, is found in the cortex of hair. The cortex is the thicker and most important part of the hair shaft and is protected by a transparent layer, the cuticle. The cuticle is formed by several overlapped layers which appears complete in virgin hair (not chemically treated) and of healthy appearance. On opaque hair, generally on length and ends, and in all chemically treated hair, the layers of the cuticle does not totally maintain the overlapping, resulting in increased porosity of hair. The factor of hair porosity is relevant to the results of coloring.

The natural color of the hair is determinate from the melanin, its production comes from the bulb an or hair follicle and depends from the genetic chromosomal information and physiology of the individual.

The color depends on two factors of the melanin

from the type of melanin: eumelanin: granulose pigment with variable tones from red to deep black (found in higher percentage in darker hair) feumelanin: diffused pigment with variable tones from yellow to light red (found in higher percentage in lighter hair) from the quantity and its distribution, determining the degree and intensity of color.


Nature creates an infinity of colors; even if the human eye they could look the same, two natural colors are always different, and will react differently to the application of a cosmetic color. For this reason, the same color shade mixed with the same oxidizing strength will  not result the same on two different individuals.

Furthermore, hair natural color of an individual varies as time goes by, as the production and distribution of melanin may change, and consequently the natural color of hair darkens up to the appearance of gray hair. Even on the same subject the same mix of color can give a different output as the years goes by.

From the darker natural level to the lighter, the typology of melanin varies in percentage. For example, black natural color is determine by a thick presence of eumelanin granules; red natural color is determine by granules of feumelanin. Very light blonde is determine by the almost complete absence of melanin.

As the years goes by, the production of melanin normally slows down. The visible result is a gradual decrease in color of the single hair, till the total absence of melanin is reached. White hair is totally devoid.

The combination of natural melanin and cosmetic pigments (artificial) determine the final result after a color service.

When we decide to change the natural color of hair, using a cosmetic color, a direct color such as make over, or a semi-permanent color as Milk shake or a permanent color as color the new attitude, the final result will be a consequence of the fusion with the natural pigment:

a true combination of the lighten melanin with the artificial pigment applied (permanent color color the new attitude) only an overlap of pigments (with milk shake and make over there isn’t a combination of pigments because they are not lifting colorings)

During the oxidizing process of a permanent color, the natural pigment of the hair is lifted, therefore the shades: red, golden red, gold, the base shades, will be predominant.

The final result of the coloring process is a combination of the cosmetic pigment and the natural pigment which derives from the oxidizing process.

Predominant pigments at each natural level (natural hair)


Natural levels  Base pigmentation  1-black black  2-darkest brown very dark brown  3-dark brown brown  4-medium brown brown red  5-light brown red  6-dark blonde red orange  7-medium blonde orange  8-light blonde yellow orange  9-very light blonde yellow  10-platinum lightest blonde light yellow  Natural Levels  Natural Lying Pigmentation  Ultra light blonde  Level 11  light yellow  Platinum lightest blonde  Level 10  light yellow  Very light blonde  Level  9  yellow  Light blonde  Level  8  yellow orange  Medium blonde  Level  7  orange  Dark blonde  Level  6  red orange  Light brown  Level  5  red  Medium brown  Level  4  red brown  Dark and darkest brown  Lev 3&2  brown  Black  Level 1  black

Category: tone on tone coloring conditioning creme

Fundamental characteristics:  ammonia free, with milk proteins, fruit extracts and honey

Advantages: conditioned, soft and fabulous colored hair Good coverage of gray hair, maximum function versatility , easy use and sure results

Line composition: >> 31 color shades

>> divided in 5  shade series which respects the international glossary of colors to facilitate the use and eventual coupling of other colorings

>> Natural series: milky white in color from the tube, when mixed with other series it catches the color of the shade and has a sweet milk fragrance.

Color shades:

1 Black 3 Dark brown 4 Brown 5 Light brown 6 Dark blond 7 Medium Blond 8 Light blond 9 Very light blond

NB. predominant pigments are cold from level 1 to level 4 are slightly warm from level 5 to level 9.


>> Exotic series:

Milky white in color from the tube and has a honey and tropical fruit fragrance.

6,e   Exotic dark blond 7,e  Exotic blond 8,e  Exotic light blond


>> Gold series:

Gold in color from the tube and has a honey fragrance.

Color shades:

5,3  Light golden brown 6,3   Dark golden blond 7,33  Medium warm golden blond 8,33  Light warm golden blond 9,33  Very light warm golden blond

>> Copper Series:

Orange in color from the tube and has a tropical fruit fragrance

Color shades:

4,4   Medium copper brown 5,4    Light copper brown 6,43  Dark copper golden blond 7,43  Medium copper golden blond 8,43  Light copper golden blond 8,44  Light intense copper blond 8,35  Light mahogany golden blond

>> Red Series:

Strawberry red in color from the tube and has a strawberry fragrance

Color shades:

5,6    Light red brown 6,6    Dark red blond 6,66  Dark intense red blond 7,64  Medium red copper blond 8,66  Light intense red blonde

>> Violet Series:

Bilberry in color from the tube and has a wild berry fragrance

Color shades:

4,7    Medium violet brown 4,76  Medium violet red brown 5,7    Light violet brown 5,77  Light intense violet brown 7,76  Medium violet red blond

>> Special color shades:

Silver Anthracite Pearl Powder

All the 37 color shades are mixable between one another

milk_shake < conditioning semi_permanent colour > should only be mixed with its specific revealer milk_shake < activating emulsion >

Scissors by TONDEO

It is with some pride to announce that we have been given agency rights for Tondeo Scissors from Solingen Germany . We have been searching for a scissors supplier for some time and it was not an easy task to find one which matches our criteria of high standards and first class customer support. Tondeo have been producing first class scissors for Hair dressers since 1931 and so it is not by some chance that they are still one of the most recognized brand by hair dressers in the World. As is our custom we will not stock just some scissors but plan to have the whole range to suit all needs and budgets.  Also hairdressers with damaged scissors can pass them on to us for service in Germany. View all products

Born in Milan, studies literature and has spent some years teaching.

She has always been interested in the health of mind and spirit and this brings her in contact with medics, surgeons and cosmetic manufacturers.

Soon after having practiced a number of holistic disciplines including 2nd level reiky she founded he holistic clinic “time of piece” where she teaches meditation and relaxing techniques.

Since 2005 she collaborates with Concept and is responsible for the preparation of the products and technical support.